The pastoral staff here at Our Lady of Fatima is dedicated to providing the diverse leadership needed for faith formation, education, worship and overall church administration. 

We're here to assist you in any way we can.  Please contact us at the any one of the phone numbers or email addresses below.
Pastoral Leadership
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Rev. James C. Ries
Rev. Salvador Landa
Parochial Vicar
949-492-4101 ext. 102
Mrs. Robin Margraf, M.A., M.S.
Pastoral Associate
949-492-4101 ext. 113
Pastoral Staff
Ms. Lourdes (Lulu) Rojas
Office Manager
949-492-4101 ext. 101
Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell
Principal, Our Lady of Fatima Academy
Mrs. Rosa Rama
Director, Faith Formation
Children & Adults
949-492-4101 ext. 104
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Mrs. Maria Juul
Accounting Assistant
Contributions & Online Giving
949-492-4101 ext. 119
The Pastoral Leadership at Our Lady of Fatima parish has a diverse membership of professional staff, volunteers, and various elected and appointed council members.  There are three primary bodies that make up the pastoral leadership:
Ms. Aida Lopez
Spanish Music Coordinator
949-492-4101 ext. 101
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Finance Council

A parish finance council is mandated by Canon Law and diocesan statute.  Members are appointed by the Pastor to advise him, the parish staff and the pastoral council on matters relating to the stewardship of the parish’s financial resources.
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Darrin Vallone, Chairperson
Stephen Evans
Jim Grace
Bill Griffin
Richard Lodyga
Dida Worrell
Shannon Carney

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Mr. Phil Arkfeld
Director, Music & Liturgy
949-492-4101 ext. 116
Ms. Traylynn (Tray) Jones
Bookkeeper & Facilities Assistant
949-492-4101 ext. 115
Mrs. Jennifer Van Zandt
Program Assistant -- Liturgy & Stewardship
949-492-4101 ext. 103
Parish Bulletin -
Dcn. Al Scaduto (Linda)
Mr. Mike Arias
Confirmation Coordinator & Youth Minister
949-492-4101 ext. 117
Mrs. Anna Moreno
Faith Formation Program Assistant
949-492-4101 ext. 118